18th July 2021, Start 9:00 AM, 20KM, 1,675M V+ – CANAZEI, ITALY

There are very few places on Earth where paradise merges with Hell… The Dolomites are definitely one of them! Particularly in Pordoi where the majestic searing rocky cliffs dominate a particularly steep passage through scree and rocks: subtly nicknamed the Corridor of Hell! At the top of this excruciating ordeal – 8km of a smouldering non-stop 1,400m of vertical climb – it was Rémi Bonnet (Team Salomon, Switzerland) and Elhousine Elazzaoui (Team Salomon, Morocco) for the men, and Marcela Vasinova (Team Salomon, Czech Republic) for the women who were in the lead.

The strongest…

Each race looks the same for Stian Angermund (Team Salomon, Norway), however, on this DoloMyths Run 2021edition, you were hard pushed to guess the winner 5 minutes from the start line, the men’s field was such an incredibly high level. But in the end, it’s always Stian who wins! Staring off cautiously in the uphill, he pulled out his speed and monstruous downhill skills to catch up with the leaders. “Rémi and Elhousine were really very strong in the uphill… I stayed on Thibaut Baronian’s heels and found a rhythm, so I didn’t lose too much time. Then, once I was on the ridge after Forcella Pordoi I sprung forward to catch up with Rémi. Elhousine was far ahead, I wasn’t sure I could catch him, but I managed it. I will now be able to rest a bit and look after my family in Norway.” After three victories in three races Stian Angermund (Team Salomon, Norway) is certain to be top of the overall general ranking at the end of the season. That said, he’s being wary, “If someone wins the next three races, we will be ex-aequo, and the final points are doubled, so we’re not there yet!”

Two new faces on the podium

Behind the untouchable Norwegian were two athletes who are on the podium for the first time in 2021. Elhousine Elazzaoui (Team Salomon, Morocco) and the orienteering specialist, Joey Hadorn (Team Salomon, Switzerland). The Moroccan was back on form after pulling out on the Marathon du Mont-Banc, this second place has a taste of victory. “I was really disappointed that I had to retire at the Mont-Blanc, but it was still a great race, and I gained a lot of experience. Today, it was shorter and suited me better and I think I had a good race. Unfortunately, Stian is really too strong especially on the flat sections, his finish was crazy! But I’m thrilled! Now, I’m going to try and qualify for the final by participating in the rest of the races, so we’ll see.” For Joey Hadorn (Team Salomon, Switzerland) the main aim was to have fun in a race that suited his orienteering profile.  “It was a crazy race, I didn’t expect to finish on the podium, but yeah the downhill was particularly technical so I did my best to catch the guys in front and hang on. I’m not a big fan of rocks in the downhill and I found the end really long, but I held on!”

Queen Judith is back!

She was dominated by Maude Mathys (Team Salomon, Switzerland) during the first stage at the Olla de Núria, today she set the record straight. Judith Wyder (Team Salomon, Switzerland) won in a race where she set the record in 2019. “I can’t say I’m not happy, I’m even thrilled, it’s a great victory after my second pregnancy. But I don’t think I’m back to my 2019 level yet. I don’t think the time is good and I will need to work harder to improve. But I’m very happy and I’m especially enjoying the fact both my daughters were here with my husband and that really boosted me. Now, we will have a holiday and I will try to prepare myself for Sierre-Zinal.” Judith was up against the mighty Marcela Vasinova (Team Salomon, Czech Republic), who for a long time played on her confidence. “I was really pleased with my race, confides the Czech. This race fits my skyrunner profile, I would love more races like this. I pushed really hard on the climb and did my best not to lose my lead on the downhill. If the climb had been a little longer, maybe I could’ve held onto first place, but Judith was too strong for me on this downhill.” In third position we have a woman who has just entered the series: Karina Carsolio (Team Salomon, Mexico), “I arrived in Europe a week ago and I am the happiest in the world, I was dying to run with these athletes that I’ve been following from afar for so long. I was hoping to maybe get into the top 10, but I never dreamed of a podium spot! I’m going to stay in Europe and get ready for Sierre-Zinal and then we’ll see what happens. One thing’s for sure, I’d love to qualify for the final!” 

See you in Sierre-Zinal

The fourth stage of the Golden Trail World Series 2021 will be held in Switzerland on the mythic Sierre-Zinal race course. Who will succeed Kilian Jornet and Maude Mathys? Find out on 7th August 2021!

Men’s results

1 – STIAN ANGERMUND (NOR – SALOMON): 01:51:36 (+100 pts)
2 – ELHOUSINE ELAZZAOUI (MAR – SALOMON): 01:52:01 (+88 pts)
3 – JOEY HADORN (SUI – SALOMON): 01:52:26 (+78 pts)

Women’s results

1 – JUDITH WYDER (SUI – SALOMON/RED BULL): 02:14:33 (+100 pts)
2 – MARCELA VASINOVA (CZE – SALOMON): 02:15:31 (+ 88 pts)
3 – KARINA CARSOLIO (MEX – SALOMON): 02:18:16 (+ 78 pts)
5 – ODILE SPYCHER (SUI – SALOMON): 02:21:40 (+68 pts)

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