In 2021, the Golden Trail National Series have more than doubled in size with no less than 9 GTNS including 19 countries from across the globe, compared to 4 GTNS in 2019. The exciting new additions joining this year are the UNITED KINGDOM, USA/CANADA, GERMANY/AUSTRIA/SWITZERLAND, the NORDICS (Finland/Norway/Sweden/Denmark), and MEXICO, in complement with the original four, France/Belgium, Spain/Portugal, Italy, Czech/Slovakia/Poland.

The Golden Trail National Series (GTNS) explained!

While the Golden Trail World Series aims to gather the best international athletes, the Golden Trail National Series is designed to get the best regional athletes together in their countries and give them the opportunity to be invited to the GTNS GRAND FINAL, and to the most prestigious international trail running event hosted every two years – The Golden Trail Championship – and measure their talents against the world’s top athletes.

Each region’s GTNS showcases their iconic races and top athletes with a format comprising 2 to 5 races, + a national final, and the GTNS Grand Final that unites all the best runners from each GTNS.

2021 is a Golden Trail World Series year, therefore the best of each Golden Trail National Series’ will win a ticket for the GTNS Grand Final 2021, which is taking place in The Azores. The winning tickets include [a free race bib] +[accommodation] + [transport in the maximum sum specified: up to €600 from within Europe and up to €1,200 from overseas to Europe]. The top 3 men and women of the GTNS Grand Final 2021 will then be invited to the Golden Trail Championship (GTC) 2022. This invitation includes financial support up to the maximum sum specified in the GTC 2022 rules, as well as a free and guaranteed race bib.

Runners who don’t manage to snag the top 3 men and women’s podium spots at the GTNS Grand Final 2021, all is not lost! In 2022, as there is no GTNS Grand Final, the top 3 male and female qualifiers of each GTNS 2022 will receive Golden Tickets for the Golden Trail Championship 2022!

*Please read the full terms and conditions corresponding to each Golden Trail National Series (see the list below).

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